Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bonus MTC post with pictures!

Here is a picture of our District.  Our teacher, Brother Lystrup, was funny, but had some very good ideas.  He wants to be a lawyer.  Others in our class were:  Elder and Sister Funaki (headed from Hawaii to Tonga).  They have invited us to visit them in two years in Hawaii.  They dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Elder and Sister Garner are going to Kirtland.  They were from Arizona and going to Kirtland.  She is a Navajo and really funny.  He helped give Neal a blessing.  Elder and Sister Wiscome    are going to Spain.  He was an airline pilot.  He was our District Leader.  They were a very spiritual pair.  We loved this group!

Other pics are of the view outside our room at the MTC.  The Provo temple is behind some trees.  We can see the Angel Moroni.  It is a beautiful view.  

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