Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The "hot dog man" and "the professor"

A plaza in Cachoeira

Elder Shirley on the street in Cachoeira

Sister Shirley considering a "new ride"

Horse-drawn cart in the streets of Cachoeira
January 13, 2014

It's been another good week.  We have kept busy again.  Here are a few highlights.

We still are trying to visit members who are less active.  We surely meet some good people.  We went with the Sisters (Sister Biddulph and Sister Rodrigues) one day to visit an older couple.  It was pouring rain.  We each had an umbrella.  The sisters told us it wasn't too far away.  Guess that is a matter of opinion.  Haha!  But we did ok.  It was fun to walk with them.  The couple was glad to see us.   Neither one is a member.  The sisters have been teaching them and asked us to accompany them on this visit.  Sueli has been attending church every Sunday and wants to be baptized.  Valdir is not a member either.  He hasn't been to church yet, but was very welcoming.  Also, they have never been married.  So the sisters have been working on helping that to happen so baptisms can take place.  Sueli was sooo welcoming and glad to see us.  She really made us feel wanted.  She fixed us homemade bread and an herbal tea (Carqueja).  We have never been much into herbal tea, but the sisters reassured us that President Castro said it was ok to drink this kind.  So we gave it a try.  We still are not much into herbal tea.  But we drank it and were grateful for their hospitality. Her bread was beautiful!  The sisters gave a little lesson.  We sang a song and each of us bore our testimony about the importance of eternal families.  It was sweet!   Also, I guess we will go fishing with Valdir this Saturday.  It is an activity for the young men.  That puts a smile on Elder Shirley's face.  The sisters can't go.  But Sueli says that she will be there.  We hope it doesn't rain!

English class went well.  We had a few more there this time.  The Elders and the Sisters came too.  That always makes for a fun class.  We have visited with a few others who committed to come.  One has been on vacation and says he will be coming next week with his girlfriend.  He works at a guitar store.   A few others keep promising to come.  We hope.  We enjoy Ariele and Lucas a lot.  And Ariele, especially, seems interested in the gospel.  The sisters are thinking they will set up some visits with her in her home.

Late Saturday afternoon, we hopped the bus and made some visits.  One of the visits was to Gelson, and Rosi and Francine (the 11 month old who had the blessing in the hospital).  They had a house full of company, but were still welcoming.  We put a bit of pressure on them to come to church the next day.  They are pretty protective of their baby, and said they would come only if it wasn't raining or too windy.  It would be a long walk for them.  We checked out weather forecasts and crossed our fingers and said our prayers.  Sunday morning was a little overcast, but things looked promising.  Starting time for church found us still out in the parking lot looking the Gelson and his family.  Then clear up the hill we saw them coming.  We were so excited!  They arrived with smiles.  They sat by us in church.  But the best part was that after church, branch members crowded around to visit with them, making a fuss over Francine.    It was so wonderful to see.  They had to have felt welcome.  Branch members are so important in this work!  We are grateful for these good, faithful members.  Hopefully, this little family felt the spirit too.  They left with smiles.

We continue to visit others....the hot dog man included.  We videoed him making his hot dogs and gave him a copy.  We attached a little Mormon Message video on the end of it.   There we also met a man who they call "the professor".  He likes to spit out English words he knows.  Now when we pass him on the street, he says in broken English, loud enough for all to hear, "These people are my friends!"  Usually he has had a little to drink.  But we enjoy him.

We continue to meet lots of good people and have lots of good visits.   We continue to say that these people are "a gente boa" (a people good)!  Hope all is well with each of you.  May you continue to "endure the cold" as we "endure the heat"!

Eu te amo!

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