Monday, April 20, 2015

Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servants!

April 20, 2015

Today marks the end of a wonderful 18 months!  It has been a great privilege and responsibility to serve a mission together.  This time has been wonderful and challenging all at the same time.  We have been blessed; our marriage has been blessed; and our family has been blessed.  We have come to know and love the beautiful, gracious people in Cachoeira do sul, Brazil!  We leave with many mixed feelings!  Mostly we have a renewed conviction that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that we always receive blessing when we live the gospel.  We are so excited to reunite with family and friends. But we will leave a piece of our hearts in Cachoeira!

Richardt and Loria at church

A surprise ride - with an old friend Roberto

At the home of Valdomira and Ivone

Caught in the rain again

Dinner with the Moraes family

Elder Purificacao, Elder Costa, Gabriele and Dione

FHE with Gabriele, Thais and family

FHE with Pres. Samuel, Vivi, Camila and Lucas

Good bye to Luciano

Surprise party for us - good food, good people!

Good bye to baby Fernando

A great goodbye party!

Great food at the Torres' home

Guitar lesson with Pres. Samuel

He sold us shoes last month; gave us a ride in the rain this week.

Julio proposed to Rosangela!  Hooray!

Last district meeting!

Last lesson with Artur

We love these people!

We love and will miss these sisters!

Luci and Dione

Our last P-Day lunch at our place with the sisters

Lunch at Per Tutti with Alceu and Marcia, friends from Elder Shirley's first mission

Lunch with President Torres and Carolina

Another picture from the surprise party

Noele, Sister Carvalho and Sister Oliveira

Old friends, Alceu and Marcia came to Sunday meetings all the way from Porto Alegre

One last churrasco

One last Sunday sunrise

President and Sister Torres at the party.  The banner says "sentiremos saudades" (We will miss you!)

President Samuel is a natural with the guitar

The sisters entertaining us

The last P-day at our place with the sisters

Some of the wonderful sisters at the surprise party

More great folks at the surprise party

Temple lesson with Erli

We will miss these good people!

We will miss these missionary name tags!

We will NOT miss this roommate!

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  1. Thank you soooo much for sharing the past 18 months with us! Soooo grateful that you have been watched over! We love you! Travel safe! May you never be forgotten in the corner of the world you love!